To be the global market leader for innovations in Trade Finance 

To be the first institutional marketplace for trade finance


in more revenues


across five continents

operating employees


as owner-operators


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Blockchain Protocol

Hyperledger Fabric v1.0- Secured , Immutable Block of data


End User and authorized/permissioned participants

Service Layer

Identity service, Data structure definition, User access , business, rules, Events PUB/SUB, Data Lake Service

Smart Contract

To handle business rules, pricing and auction
  • Easy-to-use / Online 24-7 / Operationally efficient
  • Asset and Price discovery / Inclusive
  • Secure, real-time / Links one to many
  • Global access / Blockchain-Enable

Member Banks and Active Corridors

We have member banks over
17 countries

Signed member Banks

Client Across Countries

Active Corridors


See how banks across the globe transforming
Digitisation of Banking with TradeAssets

"This collaboration with TradeAssets will provide ADIB with a digital footprint in trade distribution and origination as a member of this trade finance e-marketplace"

Haytham Elmaayergi
Global Head of Transaction Banking
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

"This collaboration with Trade Assets has given us the unique opportunity to embrace digitization in the corresponding banking space and better reach to all potential corresponding banks in a single click"

A.T.M.Nesarul Hoque
Vice President
MutualTrust Bank Ltd, Bangladesh

"BACB, through its successful usage of the TradeAssets portal , has demonstrated that efficiency and productivity - which are integral to our operations - are a natural by-product of digital innovation."

Martin Broadhurst , Senior Manager
Corporate and Institutional Banking
British Arab Commercial Bank

Partners and Collaborators

Media Partner

Global Trade Review (GTR)

United Kingdom,Singapore

Global Trade Review (GTR), established in 2002, is the world’s leading media brand in trade,commodity and export finance. GTR (part of Exporta Group) is the leading TF Conference organizer.

Technology Partner

KrypC Technologies


KrypC specializes in the development of solutions and platforms in distributed ledger technology, also popularly known as Blockchain technology

Industry Membership

Funding Partner

DIFC Dubai

United Kingdom,Singapore

Sourced from multilateral

Marketing Partners

GCC/Global Trade Community


Sigapore, Asia, Africa, Latin America

Czech Republic – Central / Eastern Europe

Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria

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