TradeAssets – Client Benefits Quantified


Benefits for TradeAssets Clients


Optimal pricing due to transparency Buyers access more assets Sellers link to more buyers


No emails, fax, excel sheets, phone calls Efficient pricing auction Instant online execution of sales


24/7 access to institutions Always online and ready Dashboard and ready MIS

Benefits to Members

TradeAssets – The only e-marketplace delivering unique value to its member banks.

  • Instant access to new markets and partners, ability to diversify asset base and risks, and multilateral contact ability
  • Enables members to negotiate and lock in the best market pricing in real-time
  • New and enhanced revenue opportunities created for members
  • Easy-to-use / Online 24-7 / Operationally efficient
  • Easy-to-use / Online 24-7 / Operationally efficient
  • Provides tamper-proof transaction activity, secure system of record, embedded analytics, and reporting
  • Easy access to secure and immutable historical data
  • Ready access to vast repository of market data including demand and supply statistics, pricing and other market information
  • Secure, real-time / Links one to many
  • Global access / Blockchain-enabled

“This collaboration with TradeAssets will provide ADIB with a digital footprint in trade distribution and origination as a member of this trade finance e-marketplace”

Haytham Elmaayergi
Global Head of Transaction Banking
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

“This collaboration with Trade Assets has given us the unique opportunity to embrace digitization in the corresponding banking space and better reach to all potential corresponding banks in a single click”

Vice President
MutualTrust Bank Ltd, Bangladesh

User Banks can make
US$ 12 Billion more in revenues with TradeAssets

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