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About TradeAssets

TradeAssets, based in Dubai, is the first blockchain-powered RFQ auction platform for the distribution of Trade Finance assets and was launched in 2019 by ‘Fintech Innovations International DMCC. We aim to eliminate banks’ current inefficient process of buying and selling Trade Finance assets. To improve the efficiency and transparency of traditional negotiating processes, increase global connectivity among institutions, make trade finance more accessible, and improve client profitability. The Trade Finance industry requires an e-marketplace as a first step toward digitization. Pricing trillions of dollars of assets should be a more efficient process, and the only way to do so is to go digital.

Our Mission

The online marketplace TradeAssets aims to put an end to banks’ current inefficient process of buying and selling Trade Finance assets. Its goals are to increase efficiency and transparency in the traditional deal-making process, increase global connectivity between institutions, make Trade Finance more accessible, and improve clients’ profitability.

Our Vision

  • To be the global market leader in Trade Finance innovation
  • To be the first institutional Trade Finance e-marketplace

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How does TradeAssets benefit its clients?

Trade Finance risk origination and distribution between banks are optimal for digitization and disruption. TradeAssets is a digital platform for banks that automates the process of Trade Finance risk origination and distribution.

An initiative of seasoned bankers

Fintech Innovations International DMCC was founded in 2018 by senior banker Sumit K Roy, with the support of leading blockchain developers

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