Frequently Asked Questions

1What exactly can I do using TRADEASSETS?
2 How will I benefit using TRADEASSETS?
3 I buy and sell assets to earn revenues and manage risk. Why should I pay TRADEASSETS to deal with my counterparts when I can continue to do this directly?
4 Will I have to make any system or process changes on my side?
5 The main reason we buy and sell assets is for relationship purposes. Why would I go into an ecosystem that disrupts my strategic, bilateral partnerships ?
6 I am not comfortable putting my transaction details on to a third party platform. How will I know that my data is secure?
7 You are building an ecosystem for banks. What use is TRADEASSETS unless all my existing counterparts are on the platform?
8 Since TRADEASSETS is mainly a pricing platform, I will still need to maintain KYC/legal documentation on the other parties. How is my work reduced?
9 I am not comfortable trading my assets on an open platform. I sometimes prefer some deals to be visible to a select few only.
10 What is your pricing model? How much do I have to pay to use TRADEASSETS?
11 I understand secondary asset distribution but how does TRADEASSETS facilitate primary issuance?
12 There have been many mediocre attempts across the globe at solving this problem. Why is that and how do we know your platform will succeed?
13 How do I know that the system will need my needs specifically?