TradeAssets - Client Benefits Quantified


Optimal pricing due to transparency
Buyers access more assets
Sellers link to more buyers


No emails, fax, excel sheets, phone calls
Efficient pricing auction
Instant online execution of sales


24/7 access to institutions
Always online and ready
Dashboard and ready MIS

Total US($)

User Incremental Revenues

3 TN

Global Volume

1.5 BN

* 5 bps price benefits

3 BN

** more volumes

7.5 BN

***25% more limit utilization

12 BN


*PRICING:A 5 bps uptick is US$ 1.5 billion in incremental revenues

**VOLUME:10% more volumes = US$ 3 billion in extra revenues (assuming pricing of 1%)

***TIME:A 4 day sale done in 3 days will increase buyer revenues 25%, ie, US$ 7.5 billion more revenues

User Banks can make
US$ 12 Billion more in revenues with TradeAssets